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Managing Director

In his own business ventures, Mr Chew is always a project-man first, and businessman second. His love for the job is visible given the attention that he gives to all the projects regardless of the contract value. The attention that he is giving contributes significantly towards the quality of the end products.

Mr Chew is a firm believer of hard work and attention to detail. His years of experience in the industry help make him a very capable problem solver for many difficult construction processes. In the process, Mr. Chew is also a capable mentor to our project managers, in whom he is instilling a sense of direction and giving them many valuable business lessons. He is also reliable and diplomatic in his business approach.


Managing Director

Patrick started in the industry upon completing from his study in University of Adelaide, Australia. For his first endeavor, he joined a civil and structural consulting firm and over the period of 4 years working, he was put in charge for 7 projects thus giving him the much needed exposure and opportunity to create a network with established developer such as Tan & Tan Berhad, ECH Development and other developer in the industry.

After his stint with consultancy practice he joined Kumpulan CLOB as a project engineer for the construction of Menara OBYU. With his hard working attitude and adaptability to the dynamic condition of construction management, he was given the opportunity to lead the project, being promoted to the position of project manager, and within 15 months he completed and delivered an award winning project to the client.

He undertake the next project Rimbun@Embassy Row, a CONQUAS assessed project as the Quality manager to further immersed himself into the QMS aspect of construction management. Armed with the knowledge gained from the past 2 projects, he then lead the construction team of Three28 Tun Razak for Tan & Tan Berhad as the Project Director and was later promoted to Executive Director in 2016.

From being a person that are known to be fair among his subordinate to working well with many professionals, Patrick had proved to be a superb leader in CLOB.


Project Manager

Mr. Wong is an outstanding project manager with a wide range of practical knowledges and experiences. He started getting involved in construction field as a trainee site supervisor, with his passion in works and fast learning skills; he had managed to prove himself as a successful project manager today.

Mr. Wong had joined CLOB on year 2012 and had delivered several high-end residential condominium projects in Kuala Lumpur area such as Rimbun @ Embassy Row and Damai Residence. His previous working experience with well-known developer & consultants had allowed him to build up his connection with consultants and several specialized sub-contractors; he also managed to get involve in well-known project such as PJ Trade Center, Menara OBYU, and Sungai Buloh Prison. His years of working experience and wide involvement in construction field had extended his knowledge beyond contractor’s standard practice; with this knowledge and communication skill, the project consultants will have an easy time to deliver their design intension and deliver effective and satisfactory outcome.

From his previous excellence result in delivering project within the given time, we believe Mr. Wong will continue to strive for excellences with his performing undersign team. We are confident that Mr. Wong are capable for handling any bigger scale project in future.


Project Engineer

Mr. Teh started his career in structural steel works upon graduated from University Teknologi Malaysia in 1992. He joined a local established steel works construction company Gea Hin Engineering Sdn Bhd. He gained his experience in both design and construction of space frame and other steel structure works.

After that, he involved himself in r.c. structures. He joined several civil & structure engineering consulting firms in Kuala Lumpur. For more than 10 years of working experience in consulting firms, he has gained vast design and practical knowledge in most civil and r.c. structure works.

He joined Kumpulan CLO Bersekutu Sdn Bhd in 2013 and was designated as Project Engineer for a 22 Storey Residential Service Apartment in Jalan Tun Razak. Armed with his technical knowledge in engineering works, he managed to resolve many technical problems in structural construction works which has smoothen the progress of the project. Besides, he was also involved in the construction management of the project.

To date, he has already equipped himself with sufficient building construction knowledge. With his believe in team works, humble and hardworking attitude, we are confident with his ability in building construction management.


Quality, System & Business Development Manager

Trained as an architect, Mr. Akram was first assigned for the construction of the Bukit Baru apartment and later the Seri Maya (Phase 2 and 3) as well as the Majlis Perbandaran Selayang head quarter. He has a strong interpersonal skill and architectural understanding which makes it easier for the site team to understand the design intent and its methodology.

He is resourceful and well trusted by the organization to overlook the contractual and statutory requirements of all CLOB’s projects. His reliability to translate these requirements was proven exceptional that he was later assigned to the QSD management to overlook all the quality aspects, management systems and business development as well as the day-to-day management of the head office.

CLOB is extremely confident that Mr. Akram will be able to ensure that the project management team are well trained and will be able to perform their functions as required. These functions include their responsibilities towards achieving the ISO, QLASSIC, CONQUAS, Green Building Index and Class A requirements.


Contract Manager

Mr. Tham Wai Yuen is a hardworking and cable person who has been working with CLOB for more than 10 years. He has an extensive experience in handling all of CLOB’s project quantitative and contractual needs.

Mr. Tham is knowledgeable in the price fluctuations and products availability with extensive network of reliable subcontractors, specialize traders and suppliers. This background is important to ensure that the clients and the consultant teams are well informed on the products and services available. CLOB is also confident that with his resourcefulness will enable CLOB to propose many value adding alternatives to the client throughout the construction works.




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