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Managing Director

In his own business ventures, Mr Chew is always a project-man first, and businessman second. His love for the job is visible given the attention that he gives to all the projects regardless of the contract value. The attention that he is giving contributes significantly towards the quality of the end products.

Mr Chew is a firm believer of hard work and attention to detail. His years of experience in the industry help make him a very capable problem solver for many difficult construction processes. In the process Mr Chew is also a capable mentor to our project managers, in whom he is instilling a sense of direction and giving them many valuable business lessons. He is also reliable and diplomatic in his business approach.


Project Manager

Mr Michael carries with him years of experience in handling construction works which are much needed when dealing with current demanding construction works. His capability to deliver projects within time and budget had been his strongest attribute. He has and always been very reliable and resourceful in leading projects that were under his care.

He is street smart and is known to be a very good construction man. Highly able to resolve many difficult construction problems and he is a team player that can work very well with many professionals. One of his strongest attributes is his ability to manage and delegates the sub contractors to ensure timely completion and good quality finishes.

Mr Michael is also approachable and himself is not shy from approach others. His ability to develop a strong relationship with the site team and the consultants is always an added advantage to his projects.

Throughout his professional career in construction, Mr Michael has successfully delivered many well-known projects with a portfolio of diverse projects from infra works to houses and bungalows as well as high rise apartments, condos and office buildings. Some of these projects include the Havannah and Savannah towers forthe Seri Maya development by Tan & Tan Development Berhad and the Hampshire Place Service Apartments and Offices for Hampshire Properties Sdn Bhd.

By putting Mr Michael in the project team, CLOB believes that he will be able to put up a strong, committed and reliable team of people to work together and translate the design and client's requirements.


Project Manager / QSD Manager / Management Representative

Trained as an architect, Mr Akram was first assigned for the construction of the Bukit Baru apartment and later the Seri Maya (Phase 2 and 3) as well as the MPS head quarter. He has a strong interpersonal skill and architectural understanding which makes it easier for the site team to understand the design intent and its methodology.

He is resourceful and well trusted by the organization to overlook the contractual and statutory requirements of all CLOB's projects. His reliability to translate these requirements was proven exceptional that he was later assigned to the QSD management to overlook all the quality aspects, management systems and business development as well as the day-to-day management of the head office.

CLOB is extremely confident that Mr Akram will be able to ensure that the project management team are well trained and will be able to perform their functions as required. These functions includes their responsibilities towards achieving the ISO, QLASSIC, CONQUAS, Green Building Index and Class A requirements.


Project Manager

Patrick has been working with us since May 2011 and was assigned to the Damansara Perdana Project. He is a graduate engineer from the University of Adelaide in Australia and started his professional career with Pakatan Cergas Sdn Bhd, a C&S consulting engineering service.

Within his short stint in this organization, Patrick shown a remarkable working attitude, eager to learn and very easy to work with. He is in the process of applying for his professional license and should be able to do so within the next 1 year which will boost CLOB's standing and resource.

He is an able, resourceful and hardworking engineer that we believe will contribute significantly to the progress of this company and the projects that he is assigned to.


Quantity Surveyor

Mr Tham Wai Yuen is a hardworking and able person who has been working with CLOB for the past 10 years. He has an extensive experience in handling all of CLOB project quantitative and contractual needs.

Mr Tham is knowledgeable in the price fluctuations and products availability with extensive network of reliable subcontractors, specialize traders and suppliers. This background is important to ensure that the clients and the consulting teams are well informed on the products and services available. CLOB is also confident that with his resourcefulness will enable CLOB to propose many value adding alternatives to the client throughout the construction works.

His previous projects includes the infra works in Labu, Negeri Sembilan, Seri Maya development as well as the latest Hampshire Place and .92 in Damansara Perdana.




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